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About Fire-CG



Fire-CG is a network of independent TPM consultants with decades of domain expertise in multiple TPM technologies and consumer goods business processes. Fire-CG's consultants have done work for dozens of the largest consumer goods companies in the world, including Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Mondelez, InBev, Bayer, Grupo Herdez, Starbucks, Meta and Panasonic.


In 2019, Fire-CG started developing the revolutionary new FireTPM solution on the Salesforce platform. It was designed to be Flexible, Innovative, Rapid and Easy. In 2021, a global multi-billion dollar consumer electronics company implemented the solution in over 24 countries in less than 4 months -- Even with the complexities of consumption based volume planning, triangulation of multiple currencies for a single promotion (Fund currency vs Consumer discount currency vs Customer claim currency), the special handling of VAT in the applicable countries, and moving from a fixed-fund process to accrual funds.

FireTPM Accelerator for Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud TPM

In 2023, Fire-CG released the FireTPM Accelerator, which enables Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud TPM to be implemented in half the time and cost.

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