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FireTPM is Easy

Fast, Intuitive, End User Customizable UI


Fast Data Entry

  • Optimized data entry - To reduce traditional time to enter a promotion of 10+ minutes to less than 30 seconds

  • Predictive - mathematical formula approach to volume forecasting (not lift factor tables or 3rd party integration)

  • TPO approach - Uses causal factor sensitivity charts to education users rather than asking users to simply trust the final answer a computer provides

  • Performance - Updates that normally require overnight batch processes can be executed in seconds using formula fields instead of coding

  • Screen flows - Prebuilt UI flows to guide users through complex tasks

  • Defaulted values - To reduce the number of fields users need to enter when creating new promotions

  • Filtered picklist - To reduce the amount of effort required to pick the correct value for a field


Intuitive UI

  • Built 100% on Salesforce - The most intuitive and user-friendly CRM application on the planet with tens of millions of sales people using it every day.

  • Mobile App - 100% mobile phone and tablet enabled. Mobile app is auto-configured from desktop version of app.

  • Dynamic forms - To only show the necessary fields that are appropriate for the user in any given situation


End user Configurable UI

  • List Views - Mass updated excel like view where end users can filter and sort records add/remove columns and summarize data via charts

  • Reports - In-line editable, intuitive UI for end users to customize, records displayed, sort order, columns displayed, formula fields and visualizations

  • Dashboards - Group multiple reports into a single dashboard with a single set of easy to use filters that apply to all the reports at once

  • Kanban - Drag and Droppable display cards grouped and summarized by any picklist value on the record

  • Split Views - Ability to navigation between detailed form views without having to jump between screens

  • Calendar - End user configurable calendars with color coding based on record type or status

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