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FireTPM is Rapid

Implement in Half the Time with Half the Consulting Resources

Resource Skill Set

  • Easy to find skills - Administrators, configurations and DevOps resources ready to be productive on day one 

  • No off-platform data storage or processing - So need for additional specialized skills, i.e., off-platform BI tool or special integration tool skills


Managed Package Approach

  • No code - No hidden algorithms that need to be reversed engineered because the functionality is documented in enough detail

  • Transparent pre-configuration - Using Salesforce Flow, Formula Fields and Dynamic Page Layouts which are easy to read and understand without external documentation or training


Platform Development Tools

  • Flow - Graphical drag and drop business process builder

  • Formula fields - That don’t fire unless called by an end user or batch process

  • Approvals Engine - Preconfigured state model, approval queues, authorization levels and security

  • Dynamic Page Layout - To enable sophisticated functionality without overwhelming users when it’s not needed

  • Chatter/Slack - For automated tracking of object history, with conversation threads, daily digests and email self-subscription email alerts

  • Reports - Easy to configure Reports and Dashboards that can be further customized by end users

  • Mobile - Automatically mobile enabled, without requiring any UI redesign

  • Globalization - Automated currency conversions and auto-translations for 35 different languages

  • Security - Sophisticated object, record and field level CRUD capabilities managed by at user, profile and role levels


End User Customizability

  • End user customizability of Reports and List and Form view means development teams don’t need to anticipate every corner scenario and end user needs ahead of time


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