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Customer Success Story

About Kidfresh

Healthy frozen means for kids, for breakfast lunch and dinner. Kidfresh knows how hard it is to get kids to not just eat but eat healthy too. They're here to help. Their goal is to make wholesome meals that kids will enjoy and that are ready in minutes. As parents who believe families deserve the best, Kidfresh created a version of kid classics that are as mouth-watering good as they are good. How? By choosing the best ingredients for every recipe. Now that’s what you call real mealtime goodness. 


With a limited market research budget, Kidfresh does not have the resources to buy consolidated cleansed third party sell-though and consumption data. Fortunately, Kidfresh was able to leveraged the system's out-of-the-box capabilities to store the specific week, month and year definitions of the sell-in and sell-out data for each key account. This enables the system to automatically and accurately decompose both distributor Sell-Through ​and retailer Consumption data data imported and stored in their original formats, enabling to-the-day level accuracy for latest estimated volume, spend and liability accrual calculations, 



With a limited budget for demand plan forecasting, Kidfresh did not have an automated forecasting system. Using FireTPM's predictive forecasting capabilities, and DCAI's data regression analysis skills, Kidfresh was able automatically forecast promotion volumes based on statistically generated baselines from historical data and lift coefficients generated from correlating previous years' promotion incremental volume and promo discounts. 


With the highly pre-configured system, a single developer, with no previous Salesforce experience, was able to learn Salesforce, configure the solution and have it live in less than 60 days. 


With an intuitive UI and streamlined data entry process, the system was able to be deployed to end users with little formal training. Furthermore, end users were able to create their own reports and customer their own list views to enable themselves to find data and make mass changes very quickly.


Kidfresh is a fully referenceable FireTPM customer. If you are looking for a new TPM solution and would like to speak to a customer that has successfully completed that journey with the FireTPM solution, please email and we can arrange for a reference call.

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