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Meta Reality Labs

Customer Success Story

Meta Reality Labs

Meta (formerly known as Facebook) Reality Labs is the global multi-billion dollar division of Meta responsible for manufacturing and selling Quest mixed reality headsets and Rayban smart glasses. They started their journey with Salesforce in 2021 with the implementation of Fire-CG's FireTPM trade promotion management solution.

24 Countries in 4 months

The project was considered an unparalleled success, with twenty-four countries live with the new TPM system in less than four months. Feedback from the customer included comments such as, "We have never implemented an IT system this fast before."

Challenging Business Requirements

Don't let the rapid implementation timeline fool you. This project did not have a basic scope or simple business requirements. They included integration with Oracle ERP, the migration from a fixed funding business process to accrual funding, handling complex distributor and indirect relationships, the triangulation of three currencies for a single promotion (Fund, Promotion and Claim currencies could all be different), special VAT tax considerations in each country, sophisticated latest estimate calculations using unconstrained and constrained demand forecasts imported from Algo and direct from retailer daily actual consumption data imported from e2open and complex monthly accrual rules to automatically split volume and spend estimates from retailer periods to Meta's fiscal months.

Lightning Fast Promotion Entry

Not only were all the complex accounting requirements handled flawlessly, but the UI was also streamlined, with one promotion administrator stating, "It used to take me several days to enter the programs for the quarter, now I can do it in a few hours."

Continued Success

With the success of the Trade Promotion Management project, Fire-CG was asked to leverage the same technology for Key Account Management, Joint Business Planing, Co-Marketing (Marketing Development Funds), and Channel Services (Retail Execution). With mission accomplished in the Meta Reality Labs retail division, Fire-CG was then asked to use their solution for the Commercial (B2B) division to help them manage their promotions and co-marketing spend.


Meta is a fully referenceable FireTPM customer. If you are looking for a new TPM solution and would like to speak to a customer that has successfully completed that journey with the FireTPM solution, please email and we can arrange for a reference call.

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