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FireTPM Accelerator

for Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud TPM FAQ


Who is Fire-CG

  • Fire-CG is a network of independent TPM consultants with decades of domain expertise in multiple TPM technologies and consumer goods business processes. Fire-CG's consultants have done work for dozens of the largest consumer goods companies in the world, including Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Mondelez, InBev, Bayer, Grupo Herdez, Starbucks, Meta and Panasonic.

  • In 2019, Fire-CG developed a revolutionary new TPM solution on the Salesforce platform that is Flexible, Innovative, Rapid and Easy. Meta Reality Labs, the multi-billion division of Meta that produces and sell the Quest mixed reality headsets and the Rayban smart glasses, implemented the solution in over 24 countries in less than 4 months -- Even with the complexities of consumption based volume planning, triangulation of multiple currencies for a single promotion (Fund currency vs Consumer discount currency vs Customer claim currency), the special handling of VAT in the applicable countries, and moving from a fixed-fund process to accrual funds.

  • In 2023, Fire-CG released the FireTPM Accelerator, which enables Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud TPM to be implemented in half the time and cost.

What is the FireTPM Accelerator?

  • The FireTPM Accelerator for Salesforce Consumer Goods TPM Cloud is a Salesforce ISV solution that enables customers  to implement CG Cloud TPM in half the time and at half the cost it would normally take.​​​

  • The accelerator includes a new object, new fields and new flows that enables 90% of CG Cloud TPM’s functionality without the need to instantiate the Hyperforce processing service, CRM Analytics or their associated integrations. 

What does the Accelerator not do?

  • Arguably the 10% is not needed and not generally recommended for implementation in the first phases of a new TPM project.

  • Capabilities not automatically enabled with the Accelerator include:

    • The generalized real-time interactive volume plan aggregation and allocation engine from the Hyperforce processing service.

    • Storage and analysis of daily store-level ePOS data from CRM Analytics, and 

    • Predictive capabilities for forecasting baseline and promotion incremental lift coefficients from CRMA’s Einstein Discovery AI engine.

Can I use the Accelerator for a Phase 1, then move to the full CG Cloud TPM solution for Phase 2?

  • Yes, the accelerator only adds one new object to the CG Cloud TPM data model for the storage of sales volume plan data, which means all master data, reference data and the transactional metadata is stored in CG Cloud TPM’s original objects.

  • The Hyperforce processing service and CRMA can be turned on without the need to migrate and master, reference and historical transactional metadata.

Is it a competitor to Salesforce?

  • No. FireTPM is NOT an OEM solution, meaning Fire-CG cannot sell Salesforce licenses without the active involvement of a Salesforce AE in the sales process.

How does the Accelerator affect my ACV? 

  • The accelerator only works with Salesforce CG Cloud TPM, which means AE’s receive full ACV credit for selling the premium CG Cloud TPM licenses.

How much does it cost?

  • The FireTPM Accelerator is priced as a percentage of the CG Cloud TPM licenses and can be as little as 25% of the those fees.

  • As a bonus, AE’s also receive 15% revenue credit for the additional ISV licenses sold. 


Who implements the Accelerator?

  • FireTPM can implement CG Cloud TPM with the Accelerator on a time and materials or a fixed price basis.

  • FireTPM also has access to an extensive network of TPM consultants, each with over 10 years of experience implementing TPM.

  • In addition, Fire-CG has SI partners whom are CG industry veterans, such as DCAI/Puls8, who can perform the implementation.

  • Fire-CG can supply advisors to 3rd party SI’s to implement the accelerator. 

How can I learn more?

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